Ronald R. Rose: Partner

Ronald R. Rose was one of the founding partners of Rose Carson LLP. He retired from the firm in July of 2017. Mr. Rose practiced law for over thirty-five years, primarily focusing on immigration law as it related to cross-border corporate, high technology and entertainment matters. His practice long emphasized representation of high technology and entertainment industry clientele. Prior to co-founding his own boutique law practice, Mr. Rose was a partner in leading international law firms in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Mr. Rose gave presentations to many different legal, business and international organizations, such as the American Conference Institute, the American Management Association, the International Bar Association, the International Law Section of the California State Bar, and the American Bar Association, International Law and Practice Section. He gave such presentations in London, New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong. He has also authored numerous articles on immigration, cross-border corporate and employment matters, as well as export control issues. Mr. Rose also taught a popular class on immigration and cross-border legal issues to business professionals through the University of California Extension Program in Silicon Valley.
Mr. Rose had significant experience in handling cross-border legal matters for clients in the music, motion picture, and electronic games industries. Many of his clients garnered major international awards, including Oscars and Grammies, for their work in the USA. In the entertainment arena, Mr. Rose represented members of the musical groups Black Sabbath, Tangerine Dream and Daft Punk. He also provided legal consultations on matters relating to Elton John, U2 and Oscar Peterson. Mr. Rose also worked on several motion picture projects including the original Star War series, Indiana Jones series and Jurassic Park. His work in the games industry included representation of SEGA, Lucas Arts and Take Two Interactive.

Mr. Rose was also significantly involved in the high technology field. He managed the development and implementation of a sophisticated Business Process Management software application for the legal industry. He has also acted as an advisor to a leading technology company on the development of software to manage legal processing and compliance issues related to global mobility.

Mr. Rose also represented a large number of successful Silicon Valley based start-up companies over the years. Several of his client companies launched successful IPO's or were acquired by large high tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and General Electric. His entrepreneurial clients included Elon Musk and other notable Silicon Valley company founders.

In the course of his career, Mr. Rose also represented major global corporations including BHP Billiton, Coherent, Disney, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Gap, Hitachi, Honda, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, NBC, NEC, PayPal, Raytheon, Siemens, Sony, Warner Brothers and Westinghouse.

Over the years, Mr. Rose also handled various pro bono cases for talented persons who have made significant contributions to their field, while mostly working outside of the spotlight. Those included cancer researchers, autism experts, poets, documentary filmmakers and songwriters.

Mr. Rose is proud of the contributions that his clients have made over the years to the American economy, society and culture. He is also proud that the Rose Carson LLP firm, as led by Helga Carson and Karen Chow-Gregory, continues to represent talented foreign nationals in their pursuit of the American Dream. Their integration into the rich fabric of the American tapestry will undoubtedly lead to a stronger and more interesting country.


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